Hello and welcome to the wiki! I am sorry that I am welcoming you so late, only I've been quite busy elsewhere. The story and everything seems quite a bit like Lara's. Was this done intentionally? -- Pikapi

I wanted Tony Secord and Lara Croft to be kindred spirits and I wanted someone who could sweep Croft off her feet as a husband for her you know?I figured that she's all alone and she won't last forever,I wanted her to have a husband who could love and care for her because I'm a very sentimental guy and thats why I made him and I figured that he was a perfect character,I've made him handsome,Couragous,Caring and of course loving.His family has seen much evil and has confronted it at every turn and on many occassions as well.Hopefully one day I could make him a character in the Tomb Raider Videogame Series you know?--Mr.Secord

Okay, thats cool, you really sound into it. I definitely like how your articles are developing! -- Pikapi 03:15, December 24, 2012 (UTC)

I want to say thank you and I am indeed very into this,Thats why I want to try and get him to be seen by the people at Square Enix,Hopefully he would make it into the wiki--Mr.Secord

How about we talk about this on my wiki's chat?--Mr.Secord

Sorry I wasn't able to get back to you right away. TBH, I'm really busy with it being Christmas plus all of the other wikis I regularly edit, but I look forward to chatting with you later if you'd like. Also, I think that you should know this, because I do administrate quite a few fanon wikis, (as far as I know) the developers don't really look to wikis for inspiration, but its always fun to be able to write and share your ideas with the community too. Perhaps once I get back to this wiki I will be able to spruce things up with a new theme, some more articles, and maybe I can feature some of your articles. Again, good work! I'll see you around. :) -- Pikapi

Alright well since it's christmas,I was going to let us celebrate the holidays,Then how about on the 26th,At around 5:00pm eastern time on the Tony Secord chat,We can talk about this if thats okay with you alright?--Mr.Secord (talk) 21:37, December 24, 2012 (UTC)Mr.Secord

That would be great thank you Pikapi I mean I've been trying to find someone who works at Square Enix in order to present my idea,Thats the thing you know,Thats what I'm trying to do.I do however understand what your saying completely,I mean if that doesn't work,I could however see if I could find people who are big fans of Tomb Raider and maybe I could get their opinion on this new concept you know?I would like to see what they think about it as well,I mean there is no pressure,No pressure at all.--Mr.Secord

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